The 7th annual Family Leadership Summit 2018: Principle Over Politics

The Family Leadership Summit is an annual get-together of thousands of Americans with a heart for God and a heart for America. People who go to this Summit consistently come back saying how encouraged they are to know they’re not alone, that so many are yearning and working toward an honest-to-goodness revival in our nation.

Yet the Summit isn’t an echo chamber. And while it boldly takes on the relationship between faith and government, it’s much bigger than partisan politics. Speakers from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints are brought in to inspire and sometimes even challenge believers in God to understand why they believe what they believe and to take a meaningful stand for the Kingdom of God.

It’s the Church doing what the Church is supposed to be doing. Not afraid of government. But not playing politics either. It’s the Church standing up to speak biblical truth to power. Principle over politics.

Speakers in past years included names like Kelleyanne Conway, George Barna, Anne Graham Lotz, author Joel Rosenberg, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rafael Cruz, Dr. Del Tackett, Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and many more.

The Summit’s speakers this year come from the spheres of government, entertainment, and the Church, each discussing how to navigate leadership, while staying true to your values.

Breakout sessions over the lunch period:
– How the Church Can Address Pornography ~ Pastor Luke Hukee
– Biblical Theology of the Poor ~ Pastor Philip Herman
– Imagine This: Stories and Statistics of Human Trafficking ~ Joy Fopma of Wings of Refuge
– Help! The Youth Are Going Crazy ~ Dr. Nathan Oppman
– Women of Faith Leading Today ~ Alita Reynolds of the Be the Light Movement and Women of Faith
– Religious Liberty in America ~ Michael Farris of Alliance Defending Freedom
– Saving Unborn Lives in Iowa ~ Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll
– Making Disciples: Personal Stories and Examples on Helping the Next Generation Know and Grow in Christ ~ Mike Wohlenhaus and Karen Campbell

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!