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9/5/18: Added breakout session topics and speakers to various pages of the site.

8/27/18: Added Gary Bauer, US Senator Charles Grassley, and Gov. Kim Reynolds to speakers page.

8/15/18: Added promotion flier download

7/17/18: Tickets available. Sponsors, speakers, event information, and FAQs added.

5/22/18: General maintenance


  • Clearly, God has raised you up ‘for such a time as this.’  The event itself was conducted with a spirit of excellence.  And the “If 7:14” prayer initiative is FANTASTIC!   It is so simple, yet so profound, that it has the potential to launch a worldwide prayer movement.

  • Families are looking for leaders. America needs leadership under God. Faith, hope and love have come together at the Summit and it is remarkable.

  • The Summit was extraordinary on a variety of levels.  God was exalted, non-believers intrigued, and believers encouraged !